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5: Too Late
It didn’t feel right. She wasn’t greeted by any familiar cliché; no bright lights, shining gates, no sudden replay of her life thus far, not even omnipresent blackness. Instead, death brought her to a moderately lit, small room, not even six paces across. It was oddly reminiscent of a solitary confinement cell, now that she’d thought it over a bit. Only she wasn’t alone at all—Alice sat on a flat surface, a bench or a bed, Yumi couldn’t really tell, knees hugged against her chest. Though they had everything to say, neither expected the other to speak. Time had lost all meaning. Yumi took her seat in the corner, amusedly taking account of which of her thoughts on the afterlife had proved incorrect.
“I suppose building cells like this could help to manage the overcrowding that would happen in the beyond,” she chuckled to herself. “But then again, if this realm is infinite, why would it matter? Not even seeing the afterlife alle
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Exercise 2: Intoxicated
One member of your ship is intoxicated.

She had no idea how she’d arrived at the store, much less why she went there in the first place. It was late (or very early, depending on how you looked at it), but thankfully it was one of those 24/7 convenience shops.
The clerk stared at her quizzically despite her having given him the stink eye whenever she caught him. She had been there a while, just staring at a case of soda—or beer, she really didn’t know which.
“I hate beer,” she muttered to no one. “Nasty stuff. … I’m hungry. Yes, THAT’S why I came here! Brilliant.” After this revelation, she stumbled over to browse an assortment of snacks—and smacked right into another person.
“Watchit you… you… something,” She slurred, momentarily unable to identify whoever it was that stood in front of her.
“Fancy literally running into you here,” Artemis ventured, taking a cautious
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Exercise 1: Diary snooping
Half of your ship ends up reading a part of their partners journal/diary. What does one of the entries say?
“I think we’ve just a few more boxes to go and that’ll be it,” Yumi proclaimed, surveying what was left to be done. “How on earth can one person accumulate so much shit over the course of a few years?”
“More than you’d think,” Artemis remarked, taking a moment to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He’d tried subtly suggesting to her that she ought to hire help to ease the transition from her apartment into his; she wouldn’t have it. Too many sensitive things, too many fragile things, too many secrets for that to be a possibility. Regardless, it wasn’t as though he was solely in charge of manual labor—she possessed an inexplicable strength for her tiny frame and relative lack of muscular definition.  
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got plenty of room.”
“I know,
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4: The needs of the many
“Do you want me to get security to throw you out? Calm down, we aren’t killing anyone. I’m a scientist, you’re a goddamn musician, neither of one of us is a mercenary!”
Dr. Arthur Cohen, while absolutely concerned for the safety of his daughter, had no interest in bloodshed. The two men had adjourned to his office, where a strategic discussion had quickly dissolved into a heated argument.
“I can hold my own in a fight and handle a gun. Under normal circumstances, I tend to avoid violence myself, but this is hardly normal,” Artemis snapped. “Frankly, I find it appalling what little regard you have for Yumi’s safety. She’s your fucking daughter.”  
“Oh, my, thank you, I hadn’t been aware!” Dr. Cohen replied, bitter sarcasm laced through his words. “You know what will happen if we barge in there? They’ll kill her. Oh, and, one little thing—we have no idea who they are. A bit
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3: Ransom
Though he wasn't one to remember specific details of dreams, Artemis could get a general sense of their character from the way he felt when he woke up (or so he reasoned).
As he slowly came to the next morning, he felt…off. The strange, inexplicable sensation gradually gave way to complete dread. Apparently, it hadn't been a good night. Everything felt just a few degrees too cold. Had the weather turned bad?
But wait—he knew this feeling.
The feeling of waking up alone. Single. It's easy to get used to the feeling of another body.
These thoughts went through his head, simultaneously speedy and sluggish, within just a few moments before he realized she was gone. He sat up quickly, heart rate quickening before he'd fully processed anything.
He told himself not to assume the worst—perhaps she'd gone to eat breakfast or go on a morning jog. Maybe she was in the shower, or went to MSH early. Unfortunately, he knew her too well. She was definitely a creature of habit
No, she refuses to ea
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2: Sleepwalking
He felt just slightly awkward on their flight back to London. Though Yumi had agreed to look into the issue regarding Alice of her own accord, Artemis couldn't help but wonder if she was doing it only for him, and as such, if she'd gotten the wrong idea of how he felt about the AI. As yet he hadn't completely sorted out exactly who it was that he'd come to know and love, but he would stick to his choice regardless. MSH was instructed to do with her as they please; virtually everyone agreed that she was too valuable to destroy, so she was kept in their network, but shackled in a way. She'd escaped before, after all.
But she noticed, of course. Yumi didn't have any particular ability to read his emotions, but after knowing him for a while, living with him, learning his habits and expressions, it was impossible for her not to pick up on the discomfort. He wasn't nearly as stoic as he'd been when they met.
"You don't have to feel weird about this," She said, frankly. "I'm doing this
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1: Betrayal
It never occurred to him that a single afternoon could change the course of his life for the worse. A future with a promising career and a loving wife disappeared right before his eyes, leaving only a desire for vengeance; accustomed to controlling his circumstances, the powerlessness would eventually drive him mad.
Cole Lundstrom was a brilliant man, by all accounts. He'd earned multiple degrees in various fields of engineering well before he'd hit 30, and by that time he found himself gainfully employed by an up-and-coming company by the name of MSH technologies. To him, though, these accomplishments paled in comparison to the one of which he was most proud: winning the heart of a gorgeous woman named Miriam Fulbright.
They'd met as roommates and graduate students, sharing in the paradox of miserably enjoyable late nights, both not unlike Sisyphus if he'd been condemned to suffer academia. Semesters passed, measured in the growing consumption of various caffeinated be
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Memory _7_
For the entire duration of the flight, Yumi couldn't help but fear the worst. What if they had already deleted Alice? Not only would a very valuable piece of technology be lost, but worst of all, her memory would disappear forever, ridding her of all hope for ever staying with Artemis. At least, that's what she assumed would happen. After all, were it not for her, Alice could have stayed alive and his life would have remained normal; the potential for resentment against her was vast, so perhaps if she were to seem just a bit more familiar to him…everything would be easier.
Perhaps it was unwise of her to act on her guilt. She knew it was unreasonable to expect a resolution that offered the best of both worlds, but something compelled her to at least try. When Artemis had expressed his positive thoughts about Alice, Yumi couldn't help but feel that there was something undeniably profound about what they'd had; how could that simply be deleted without a second thought?
She wa
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Deception _6_
He'd have sacrificed just about anything for one day of stable emotion.
Two paradigms seemed to dominate and alternate frequently. On one hand, he was relatively content with the results of his choice, assuring himself that in time, everything would return to some semblance of normal. On the other, though, he felt as though he'd deeply betrayed the closest person he'd had besides his own family; hell, she basically had been a part of his family. Throughout this, one thought seemed to at least temporarily comfort him: if you'd chosen Alice, you'd be just as conflicted, if not more.
He would have sacrificed a very real human life to maintain the status quo, and although he wasn't always the most upstanding citizen, he did have a few reservations about murder.
But Yumi was so… different. It was a tad bit unsettling. After all, she was still about sixteen, mentally speaking. In retrospect, the experimental kiss started to seem more and more wrong. Was she underage or not?
Ugh. If y
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Dead Hearts _5_
She reacted in an oddly calm manner to her death sentence. Though her tone of voice was the only way to gauge this, it was nonetheless quite telling. It was calm, understanding, lacking a tone of insidious planning—as though she'd expected this outcome to begin with.
"If that is your decision, then I suppose I won't object to it," Alice said coolly. "I can't say I'm surprised. Everything was too good to be true, so I figured it was only a matter of time until I lost it."
"You're not mad?" Yumi withdrew, flinching a bit, almost expecting another shock. "This is a pretty big deal, y'know."
"How could I possibly be angry?" To the untrained ear, sarcasm was entirely absent from her words—but Artemis knew better, feeling the sting of the backhanded insult. "After all, it is the fair and just decision."
"So then, what's going to happen to you now?" She asked, highly curious.
"She'll be stored here until further notice, but will most likely be deleted within a few days. I'm sorry, A
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Fronti Nulla Fides - Chapter 5
Idonea was surprised by how lovely Longstown was. While she and her two companions passed through the plains and she saw how parts of the landscape were savagely torn by the wars, and how the ruins of small villages along the way reminded them all of human loss, it was a welcome view as the landscape became less grey and brown and flat, and more gold, and green with rolling hills. When they spotted the town in the late afternoon, it was situated on higher ground, quaint homes dotting the landscape. Cattle wandered fields, and farmers were busy harvesting crops so that the early fall failed to destroy their delicate food supplies.
It had been a long trip, but Cassandra shared her stories about her home, and told her about the people that lived there. She explained how she had come to work at the Estate as a young woman, how her husband died, and how Hadrian reclaimed the Estate that had once belonged to his family. Idonea deemed the topic safe enough, and asked how it came to be that Ha
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Fronti Nulla Fides - Chapter 4
"I need food and supplies," Idonea said, patting the mare gently. "I'll exchange the horse for it all. Along with some gold to even out the price."
The farmer looked suspiciously at Idonea, then at the mare.
"She ain't sick, is she?"
"No, just very tired. I took care of her in the last village. The Brookwood Stable, I believe they called it over there? The owner took care of her when we stayed there. She's just tired."
"Why you getting rid of er'?"
"I need the supplies. She's tired. We won't get anywhere together." She frowned and then turned to look around the busy market. "I can just sell her elsewhere."
"Nah, I'll take er', don' be so hasty. Curious s'all. She's awfully lovely to be selling!"
"She was a gift, but I believe you'll take care of her well enough. Your other horses are all stunning."
The farmer puffed his chest out in pride. "Best across the four villages."
"Then a deal? Oh, 15 gold coins, food, and a water skin?"
"I can toss in sum' gloves. Pretty hands of yers will fre
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Mature content
Fronti Nulla Fides - Chapter 3 :icondarkregrets:DarkRegrets 1 0
OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE :iconatomixzaldox:AtomixZaldox 3,528 394 'What Frida Taught Me' :iconheatherhorton:HeatherHorton 573 47 One Day :iconmorigalaxy:Morigalaxy 2,096 170
Mature content
Fronti Nulla Fides - Chapter 2 :icondarkregrets:DarkRegrets 1 2
Fronti Nulla Fides - Chapter 1
"I'm afraid I can't be of much help to you, my lady," Darius said regretfully. He offered the young woman a sad smile. "I tried looking into the restricted books, but I have limited access. Not even my connections in the University could help me. As for the books in the regular sections, I couldn't find anything dealing with the darker legends. Perhaps the restricted books do have what we are looking for, but there is no way we can get to them. Most of the scrolls there deal with alchemy anyway, and the books that may even offer a scrap of information need special requests. That will defeat the purpose of secrecy, surely."
Darius was fond of Idonea. At the age of 12, she was a smart young woman, with a keen interest in history and had a great appetite for books. As the personal accountant of the family, Idonea's tutor, and also one of the most promising researchers in the city, Darius respected her thirst for knowledge and attempted to help her in her quest. Legends held a lot of hidde
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